Monday, February 1, 2010

Sam's going to be on Howard Stern tomorrow!!!

OMG...breaking Sam news!!! Sam is going to be on the Howard Stern show tomorrow 2/2 @ 8am Eastern time so 5am Pacific time on Howard's Sirius radio show. For those of you who don't have Sirius, I'll try and put it up tomorrow! This should be interesting!

From today.......

played a clip of Sam 'The Cooking Guy' Zien telling Kathie Lee Gifford to stop talking over him during a cooking segment on 'The Today Show' – and Kathie Lee's don't-talk-to-us-like-that retort: "She's got to gobble up the world, that hungry...Oh she's so hungry. Her hunger irritates me. Her hunger irritates me!" Howard thought Sam should've gone further: "He should've stuffed that food right in her mouth...he should've stuck his f’ing fork in her tongue."
Howard was particularly incensed with Kathie Lee's power play ("Can't anyone stand up to Kathie Lee? She's the devil! She's the devil!") and her incessant chatter: "Kathie Lee's a child. An attention sucking child." Howard later joked: "It's like having Scott Greenstein's in the room with you."


Bouwman said...

Just heard that today on the stern show and it was awesome, props to you for talking to kathy like that.

Looking forward to hearing your interview tomorrow!

Howard said...

Ugh, Howard Stern? Please Sam, you're better than that. Guaranteed you'll lose some of your current fans if you start going that route. Your true fans already knew about the Kathy Lee clip, if it's new to anyone then they were never a fan to begin with. Please, please, don't sell out to that a**hole or anyone like him!

H&M (54&13 yo)

Anonymous said...

You were incredibly rude. If you had a problem with how the hosts were talking over you, you should have handled it privately - not by being a rude jerk.

There are appropriate ways to handle a situation like that and speaking down to people isn't one of them.

I wish The Today Show would have blackballed you.

Rude, rude, rude.

P.S. Would you have spoken to two male hosts that way? I doubt it.

Graham said...

Good job Sam, it's widely known that Kathy Lee consistantly talks over her guests in a rude matter. It's one thing to move the show along but she seems to love to hear herself talk and get the crowd's reaction. I guarantee you now she is a little more mindfull of interrupting guests she and her show have booked and have specifically requested on the show. Some will complain about how you handled it but you have nothing to lose, she isn't going to make or break you and you have made an impact as to how she treats her future guests. Well played sir. Keep up the great show

Anonymous said...

Sam , not sure why these people would call you names or think you would lose fans because of what Stern picked up on, you're entertaining and that's why people watch and learn from you.