Monday, July 27, 2009

We're in Vancouver Canada!!!

So, last night we flew into Sam's home town....Vancouver Canada. We're here for a week, shooting 2 half hour shows! Today we went to China Town and saw a ton of really great & unique places. My favorite was this traditional Chinese medicine/herb store....& as the photos show, they sell some really interesting things; including Gecko on a stick! We also tried some great local food....Dim Sum, a Japa Dog (Japanese hot dog), and Poutine. It's been a great food day! Stay tuned to the blog this week for daily photos, videos, & updates from Vancouver.


Jay from Vancouver said...

Oh, I just went through all you pictures from Vancouver and they are just awesome, you have seen a lot. Hope you liked the city. Where exactly were you on the third day? I don't recognize the place.


Michelle said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks...I absolutely LOVED Vancouver!! On day 3 were cooked on the roof of the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, at Blue Water, and went out on Sam's brother-in-law Brian's boat on the water in Howe Sound. Howe Sound was so beautiful...I'd love to buy a home on the water I just need a few million dollars!!