Friday, February 26, 2010

New show 2/28: Asian Things

The new show: Asian Things airs this Sunday 2/28 @ 5:30 & 7pm on Channel 4 SD. This one is really funny, you don't wanna miss it!!


BillMcQ said...

Arrrrg! Stupidly, I missed it. Anybody got a clue when it will be repeated?

Thanks in advance.

Lorelei said...

By chance, is that shrimp dish, the Salt and Pepper shrimp?
is there a video available for the salt and pepper shrimp??

Michelle said...

Bill, I think it will replay this Wed. 3/3 @ 6pm & 9:30pm.

Lorelei, nope that's the new Mayo shrimp...really simple. Frozen raw shrimp with no shell & tail on. Cook them in a pan with some olive oil. When they are almost done add a bit of Mayo & chili sauce, or just mayo. Sam did it both ways. Top with pepper & green onion.

The Salt & Pepper shrimp are easy too:
Frozen raw shell & tail on, de-veined shrimp. Cook in olive oil with a lot of Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper & green onion. It's on his website if you need more info...

Hope that helps

Lorelei said...

thank you SO MUCH! I just bought the 2nd season on DVD today. I can't wait to get it. I'm a huge fan of Sam!! I am trying the salt and pepper shrimp tonight. I think that Mayo shrimp sounds to die for and looks amazing in the picture!
you rock. thanks a lot!

Michelle said...

Lorelei ur so welcome!! Good Luck! Send me a pic of the shrimp you make & I'll put it up on the blog