Wednesday, October 7, 2009

91X The Greatest Man Alive: Sam The Cooking Guy

October 7, 2009

The Greatest Man Alive: Sam The Cooking Guy Vs. Henry Rollins

Today Sam the Cooking Guy defeated Henry Rollins to become the Greatest Man Alive (according to a small cross-section of San Diego).

Congratulations, Sam. You win French Toast!

Sam the Cooking Guy called in to give his acceptance speech after hearing the segment.

He thanked YOU, San Diego, for making all the American dreams of a little Canadian boy come true.

It was touching.

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Celina said...

Yay Sam! I totally voted for you dude, well deserved!

Injun Trouble said...

Someone tell me why Henry Rollins was in the running????? Definitely NOT the greatest man alive. Smart guy...has a lot of relevant gripes....but not quite there yet.