Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You voted...you got it!!!

Thanks to all of you who voted on which Sam show you wanted to see next.  Avocado Day won out with 39% of the votes...beating Sushi Day in second, followed by Sam's Favorites in 3rd & Italian Day came in 4th. 

We shot our next show, Avocado Day last week at a local avocado farm.  Sam got some "Avo" one on one and cooked some of his favorite avocado recipes outside.  Wait until you see the view, it was truly spectacular! 

Avocado Day debuts Sunday June 7th @ 5:30 & 7pm on channel 4 & 704. 

Here's a sneak peek...


Jon said...

I've randomly found the show and watched a few episodes over the past few months and think it's great! Sam=normal guy, making normal food for normal/cool people. You've got to have one of the best jobs out there! Glad the show has become a big success. I look forward to watching more episodes in the future. Not sure if you've done it or not but how about a few BBQ specials from the backyard? It's that time of year.


Michelle said...

Hi Jon,
So glad you enjoy the show....we love what we do! Our new show is all in the backyard on the BBQ....you should see it in PHX in a few weeks!! Thanks for watching & stopping by the blog!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Author:

I b'leev it is "peek" at the footage, not "peak" at it, which would imply climbing it to the tippy-top.

Watch your language, lass.

Mr. Word Guy

Michelle said...

Thanks Mr. Word Guy.....my sincerest apologies.
-Blog Author