Thursday, April 30, 2009


So what did you think of the USS Reagan show? We would love to hear your question & comments about the show.  So far it seems to be a hit! I have to say thanks again to all the men and women aboard the Reagan for all the amazing hospitality and hard work.  Sam, Shannon and I really had a fantastic time.  They all deserve a huge shout out! 

*Side note:  Emmy nominations are being announced tonight, so keep your fingers crossed! 


Anonymous said...

hey! im bummed I missed it, but somebody came up to me today and asked me if I was the girl from the reagan on tv...and turns out I'm in this 1hour special... I was hoping to get a copy of this tape for my family. anyway that can happen? would appreciate it!
-laundry girl.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, the show was finally on here up in Orange County and it was amazing. However, the funniest part was the outtake at the end of the show when Sam tried to climb into the jet - oops! Look, don't touch!

And thanks to you guys for finally getting Sam up to BBQ's Galore in Irvine a few weeks back. It was great to finally meet him! He's just as funny and personable in person as he is on the show. Truly a great guy.

Donna from Irvine

Michelle said...

Hi Laundry girl,

I sent you a copy of the show...did you get it?

Michelle said...

Hi Donna,

Glad you finally got to see the show. I'm also glad you got to meet Sam...he loves to meet fans because you are all so great! Thanks for watching & stopping by the blog!

BIG SAM FAN said...

Greetings Michelle!

I love your website! I was wondering if you had any idea when the RONALD REAGAN episode will air again? I haven't seen it yet and I wanted to see two of my favorite things - Sam and the Navy! Thanks so much!

- eugene

Beatuofa said...

Way behind here, but they just now showed the Ronald Reagan shows here in Phoenix. Very cool and it must have been an amazing experience for you guys. Good job!