Friday, December 12, 2008

Sam & the messed up pot

We shot a new viewer recipe show a few weeks ago & one of the recipes really messed up one of Sam's pots. He was struggling to clean it, but we had the camera rolling.  However, I must say this viewer recipe show was much more successful then that last one.  Check out the whole show Sunday December 21st at 5:30 & 7pm or Channel 4 & 704! Have a great weekend. 


sd4life said...

That was so damn funny!!!!

Traffic Geyser said...

I am so bummed the video only plays for like 5 seconds and stops. I have to see this. Can you please fix


P.S. - I am Kelley's (cottage cheese and pretzel gal)husband. Tell Sam she has NEVER been able to get me to try that, and yes both her and my daughter love it. I was LMAO when I saw the show

Michelle said...

Hi Jim,

it should work now...sometimes it just takes a while for the videos to buffer....sorry!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I'm Kelley's (cottage cheese and pretzel gal) sister-in-law.

I'm glad we go out for dinner when I come to visit! :-)