Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things happen in 3's

At the last shoot we got off to a rough start. I spilled a cup of water killing a fly. Shannon (Our photographer) broke a light, and Sam spilled his bottle of water...good thing he has concrete floors! We all need help apparently :)

*We're going to the premiere of the Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw movie "No Brainer" tonight and I'm going to bring a video camera with me so you can check it out! Sam is one of the many stars of the movie.....check back tomorrow to watch my premiere video!


LUV 2 COOK said...

OMG!!! Why are you blogging?? Who is Michelle?? Isn't it Sam the Cooking Guy? Not Michelle and Sam the Cooking Guy! This blog is so stupid. Seriously I can't stand to see you on TV. Hopefully Sam will come around some day and stop showing your face. Besides you don't even say anything you just stand there, ever heard of dead air? All my friends, family and I used to be major fans of the show and watch all the time. Recently the show has really gone downhill especially when you are shown. The show has become slow and boring. I love Sam, but sorry I've lost interest.

Rosevictor said...

@Luv 2 cook We'll know that it's sam show but michelle is the person ah em working behind the seans and sence i can't explain it any other why ,

Sam help me ,