Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sam the Cooking Guy Thanksgiving Day Marathon

For all you Sam fans out there....check out the Sam the Cooking Guy Thanksgiving day marathon! If you've missed any of the recent shows here's your chance to catch up. It's on Thursday the 27th from 6pm-11pm on Channel 4 (Or 704 for all you lucky HD people). What better way to celebrate "Turkey Day" than with 10 episodes of Sam right?

Here's the lineup:
Italian Junk
Blue Cheese Day
Coconut Day
Cool Kitchens
Baseball Day
Crab Day
Blender Day
Football Food Day
Breakfast Food
Thanksgiving food

So, happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat and be thankful!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love SAM!!!!!!!...this is the most fun I have had watching a cooking show ever!!!!!!!...I hope Santa Sam provides me with a DVD set & I even asked for an autographed book..well okay..I asked for the book telepathically..but..hey..I asked.. =)
Can't wait to see what Sam has up his cooking sleeve next!!
Keep up the good entertainment..!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!